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Since 1917 Burrell Scientific, Inc. has manufactured and distributed quality laboratory shakers, gas analyzers, thermocouple welders and Severs Rheometers for laboratories everywhere. Our manufactured products include the Burrell Wrist-action® Laboratory Shaker our Industro-B gas analyzer, Oxygen Purity Analyzers, Hydrogen Purity Analyzers and our Build-up® Gas Analyzers Models for methane and ethane,  Thermocouple Welders, and Extrusion Rheometers (Severs).

Our Wrist-Action Laboratory Shaker is a work horse in life science, biotechnology, pharmacology, chemistry, quality control, plant pathology, soil extractions, aphaeresis, toxicology, microbiology, bacteriology, food and pesticide analysis.

Burrell Gas Analyzers - The Industro-B, Flue Gas Analyzer, Oxygen Purity Analyzer, Hydrogen Purity Analyzer and the Tutwiler Apparatus have long been in use for the analysis of flue and stack gases in industry and for the determination of the purity of cylinder gases as well as determining hydrogen sulfide in natural gas with the Tutwiler Apparatus.

Kup-L-Weld II Thermocouple Welder produces superior weld contacts for thermocouple repair and production . 

Extrusion Rheometer - For determining the flow properties or viscosity in centipoises of substances that will flow at room temperature.




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